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Terms of Service


In order to reserve your event a deposit will be required. The initial deposit is due within 24 hours from the day the contract is created and e-mailed to you. Failure to pay the deposit will result in having your invoice cancelled unless otherwise agreed. The deposit goes toward your balance. The balance must be paid in full minimum 2 days before the event, otherwise the contract will be cancelled. We do not accept cash at the moment of delivery. The deposit is non-refundable.

Method of Payment:

You may pay the deposit and/or the balance through the contract we will e-mail you using a debit/credit card or via Cash App.

Our Cash App is: $GoldenEventRentals.

We do not accept any other methods of payment.

If you contacted us through Facebook, and will be making payment via Cash App and your Cash App name is different from what is appears on Facebook, or if someone else will be making the payment on your behalf, please have your name as it appears on Facebook in the message section of the payment.

Reservation Modifications:

Any changes to the reservation such as flavor changes are allowed up to 3 days before the day of the event. Any flavor changes requested with or less than 3 days before the event will not be allowed.

Event Cancellations/Reschedules:

In the event of a cancellation the deposit will not be refunded, but rescheduling the event's date will be allowed without the need of another deposit. Customer may be charged a $20 rescheduling fee. Subject to date availability.

Item Cancellations:

A $20 fee will be applied to the invoice per item cancelled > 30 days before the event.

A $30 fee will be applied to the invoice per item cancelled < 7 days before the event.

Removing an item from the invoice may result in loss of bundle discount.

Damage Disclosure:

We require a $30 refundable deposit. Any damage to a machine or item caused by negligent or accidental use will be subject to a damage fee to cover the cost of the item and/or the repair depending in the damage. If no item is damaged or missing the $30 deposit will be refunded in full.

Machine Maintenance:

By booking a machine with liquids, such as margarita machines, hot dog steamers, soft serve ice cream machines, customer agrees to empty the contents of the machine at the end of the event. After emptying the contents, please have the machines turned off and unplugged. Chocolate fountains do not require to be emptied.


Any machine or item delivered must remain at the location of delivery. Any machine or item, under any circumstances, may be removed from the location it was delivered to. Transporting the machine or item to a different geographical location will be subject to additional pick up fees and a $100 fine.


If customer is picking up a machine or an item, the machine or item must be brought back by the agreed date. Failure to do so will result in a $30 fee per day. Any damage caused to an item or machine during transportation will also result in a damage fee accordingly.


If there is an issue with an item or a machine, please contact us immediately and an immediate response will be provided to resolve the issue. If we are not made aware of an issue and customer demands a refund at the end of the event, a refund will not be provided due to failure of not letting us know in time to try to fix the issue. If we are not able to fix the issue a refund will be provided based on the situation.

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