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Machine Attendants

Our attendants will serve your guests on an hourly rate up to 3 machines at a time. Over 3 machines and/or over 100 guests requires a second attendant.

For 0-100 guests:

1 hour  = $60

2 hours = $90

3 hours = $110

4 hours = $130

5 hours = $150

The more hours = the more discount for the server per hour!

Need a second attendant to serve over 100 people? Let us know!

Why should you hire our machine attendant services?

It is tough finding someone who will do you the favor of helping out on your big day. There is a chance that you won't find anybody available or willing. With our machine attendants you do not have to worry about your guests handling our machines and risking breaking them, we will serve your guests with the best attention and professionalism!

What qualifications do our machine attendants have?

Our machine attendants are Food Handler Certified and are trained in Food Safety and Sanitation as well as knowing the operation of our machines very well. In case a machine fails, our machine attendants will know how to troubleshoot and get the machine working again.

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